USI have no offices in France. Please be aware of any email requesting information or money.

One of our key factors in our success is the ability to attract high calibre of staff members we employ.

We are always interested in qualified individuals who are passionate in our success and who are self-motivated, enthusiastic and confident.

To work at Universal securities & Investments Limited you will need to be the kind of person who grabs opportunities and makes the most of them, and has the flexibility to progress in a growing and evolving organisation. Most importantly, and this is true whether you’re in a front-line or central support role, is that you must do everything with one eye on the needs of our customers.

Universal Securities & Investments stand firmly by its motto of innovative solutions through creative thinking and we truly believe that our company is unique in its service and product range.

You will be rewarded with a challenging career, competitive salary and. knowing you are part of a dynamic and fast-growing company will inspire you to be the best you can be.