USI have no offices in France. Please be aware of any email requesting information or money.

USI Launches an FX Trading Platform

USI Money has developed a free trading platform which will enable its clients to view live exchange rates and execute multi-currency payments. The system also includes benefits with regards to trade confirmations, management reports and multi-user access

USI introduces the UK’s First Pilgrim Prepaid Card with MasterCard®

USI Money has moved a step closer to realizing its vision of promoting prepaid E-Money issuance to the Middle East by introducing a Prepaid Pilgrim Card aimed at the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. The card offers multiple benefits and can be used as an Everyday Prepaid Card for normal domestic use

USI Announces Launch of Everyday Card

USI Money has approved production of a “Contactless” Everyday Prepaid Card which will be available in GBP, US$ and Euros. The card has been designed to target the local as well as international travelers. Benefits include competitive exchange rates and online account user functions